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  • PowerShield VoltGuard AVR1500

    PowerShield VoltGuard AVR1500

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    PowerShield VoltGuard AVR will monitor the voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and over voltages.

    This cost effective compact device will provide a constantly regulated output voltage ensuring that your sensitive electronic equipment is always receiving voltage within an acceptable range.

    Furthermore, this VoltGuard also has included as standard, over voltage and under voltage protection which will turn off the supply to your equipment when the utility voltage moves out of the safe range. The VoltGuard also provides surge protection to protect against transients.

    Brand Power Shield
    Part number PSVG1500
    Type Voltage Regulator
    VA rating 1500
    W rating 750
    Input Single Phase,
    184 - 284VAC, 50Hz,
    Output Single Phase,
    240Vac +/-10%
    50Hz +/-1%
    Outlets 3 x Australian 3 pin
    Batteries None
    Surge protection 312 Joules/6500Amps
    Warranty 1 Years
    Physical Dimensions
    Length - mm 175
    Width - mm 90
    Height - mm 115
    Weight (KG) 2
    Shipping Dimensions
    Length - mm 230
    Width - mm 100
    Height - mm 125
    Weight (KG) 3

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