UPS Maintenance

Do you have equipment that is critical to the running of your business? Then you’ve likely heard the importance of having back up power

How long has it been since you’ve had UPS Maintenance? If it’s been a while (or you cannot remember the last time!) then it may be time to consider our expertise.

Firstly, Why Do I Need UPS Maintenance?

While it’s beneficial having a UPS system in place, it’s also important to ensure it runs at its optimal condition. Don’t give yourself a false sense of security by neglecting your UPS maintenance!

Owning a UPS is an investment itself! The reason why the majority of businesses and organisations have one installed is to protect their critical equipment, be it a data centre or operational equipment.

When a UPS system fails it is usually due to a lack of UPS maintenance conducted. By having regular UPS servicing, not only are you protecting your critical equipment, but you are also saving yourself the cost of expensive repairs or even replacement. That is why Sure Power offers UPS maintenance contracts to give peace of mind. Our preventative and comprehensive contracts are truly some of the best in the industry, offering 24/7 direct support and regular servicing with our UPS specialists.

For over 25 years Sure Power has and continues to service Australian businesses and government departments nationwide. Our comprehensive contracts include 24/7 emergency breakdowns service and regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure you are covered.

What is UPS Maintenance?

Think of UPS maintenance like a thorough health check, our technicians will assess the UPS itself alongside other important parts like the batteries, etc. With continued UPS servicing you’ll stay on top and help prevent potential breakdowns. In the case where your UPS needs to be tested or repaired, Our technicians can conduct UPS testing and repairs both on-site or at our in-house workshop. Our technicians are also well experienced in UPS servicing, testing & repairs across multiple UPS brands such as ABB, PowerShield, Eaton, Thycon. 

Why is UPS Maintenance important?

There are many variables that affect your power supply, such as major weather events, infrastructure failure and power surges. These issues can potentially cause future problems for your UPS system if left unchecked.


UPS maintenance should have the utmost importance in sustaining your critical infrastructure. Mainly, it is to protect the power supply to your critical infrastructure


Why Choose Sure Power To Take Care Of Your UPS


Far too often we’ve seen other companies sell UPS without having the knowledge or experience to support your needs. Sometimes these companies end up having to outsource these works to another contractor resulting in you going over budget.

There are many reasons why our UPS maintenance contracts are the best in the industry! Sure Power has proudly been supporting businesses and organisations' power supply needs. With more than 25 years in the UPS industry and a combined 100 years of experience in managing and maintaining UPS our service is unmatched by any other competitors. Our team of UPS specialist technicians and dedicated administrators are focused on providing you with the best service and expert advice available. Consider us as your one-stop shop for everything UPS!


What makes Sure Power stand out from our competitors?


At Sure Power, we know that just selling a UPS isn’t enough, but rather creating time and cost-effective solutions for our clients. There are multiple ways we do this, including:


  • Providing customised preventative and comprehensive UPS service contracts to suit your own needs
  • 24/7 UPS breakdown service for contracted clients where you are directly in contact with a Sure Power technician, not a call centre
  • Factory-trained UPS install and service technicians with a collective 100-years experience and knowledge across multiple UPS brands
  • Our warehouse is stocked with essential UPS, spare parts and batteries
  • Offering in-house services, such as custom-designed battery cabinets and UPS testing and repairs
  • In-house managed logistics and freight with our fleet of tailgate lift trucks and vans
  • Our exclusive environmental monitoring system Pivotal EMSpro to help our technicians and customers remotely monitor their UPS and batteries condition


Time and time again, we’ve successfully supported national contracts for some of the largest businesses across Australia, so no wonder our comprehensive range of UPS services truly makes us stand out from the crowd.

      The Sure Power Difference

      As an Australian-owned business, our expertise and service are unmatched. Unlike our other competitors, we offer complete in-house solutions making us a one-stop shop for all things UPS, batteries & service. Cost & time effective, we prioritise providing quality service that is fit to your unique needs with tailor-made UPS solutions.

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      Real Experience & Knowledge

      Nation-wide coverage for your UPS

      As leaders in the UPS industry, we’ve successfully supported national contracts for businesses’ and organisations since 1994. Compared to other competitors, our expertise and service are unmatched. From Cairns to Hobart, our team is capable of handling all UPS systems, big and small.

      Sure Power Logistics

      In-House Managed Logistics

      Cost-Effective UPS Solutions

      As a one-stop-shop for all things UPS & batteries, we can provide our clients fair & competitive pricing, customised to their particular needs. We do this by offering multiple UPS brands and by managing our in-house solutions such as logistics and workshop repairs.

      Sure Power Workshop

      Contracted Clients Can Enjoy

      24/7 Breakdown Service

      Contracted clients can enjoy the benefits of our emergency breakdown service. Unlike other after-hours services, you’ll be in contact with one of our UPS specialists, not an international call centre. From there, our team of dedicated UPS specialists will walk through the situation with you.

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      Sure Power have met the requirements designated and required by the Internation Organisation for Standardisation to follow a quality management system. This assists in keeping standards unifrom across multiple industries, including electrical.

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