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Being in Queensland, we arguably live in one of the best places in Australia. But despite being called the Sunshine state, we know that all it takes is one bad weather event to stop everything. And when operations are at a standstill, it’s costing you valuable time and money (yikes!) 


As a Queensland-based business we know that choosing the right UPS to protect your critical infrastructure is an important investment, so that’s why Sure Power is making it straightforward. Since 1994 we’ve proudly been supporting both Queensland and Australian businesses by protecting their critical infrastructure. From Cairns down to Tasmania, we’ve travelled across Australia to provide UPS solutions for all industries.


What makes Sure Power stand out from our competitors?


At Sure Power, we know that just selling a UPS isn’t enough, but rather creating time and cost-effective solutions for our clients. There are multiple ways we do this, including:

  • Providing comprehensive service contracts to suit your needs, including 24/7 emergency breakdown service
  • Factory-trained UPS install and service technicians
  • Our warehouse is stocked with essentials UPS, spare parts and batteries
  • Offering in-house services, such as UPS testing and repairs
  • Managing logistics and freight with our fleet of tailgate lift trucks and vans
  • Our exclusive environmental monitoring system Pivotal EMSpro helps our technicians and customers remotely monitor their UPS and batteries condition


We’ve successfully supported national contracts for many companies across Australia, so no wonder our comprehensive range of services truly makes us stand out from the crowd.


So why should you choose a dedicated UPS specialist over an electrician?


We know it may be confusing whether you choose a general electrician or UPS specialist to take care of your UPS. By choosing Sure Power, not only are you getting specialist care for your UPS, but you are also directly supporting Queensland business. So how do we set the standard of UPS service?


It starts with our team of specialised UPS technicians, who are factory trained by our UPS suppliers. Both our UPS installation and service technicians offer a broad knowledge across multiple UPS brands. Although an electrician will have a general knowledge of what a UPS system is, they won’t have the insight like our technicians do.


All our In-house services are done from our East Brisbane warehouse. Stocked with a range of UPS equipment, our warehouse is stocked with the essentials so customers don’t have to wait. Alongside our fleet of tailgate lift trucks and vans, we can deliver equipment directly to the site. We also can take UPS equipment back to our workshop to conduct essential UPS testing and repairs.


Compare this to our competitors, they don’t always have the necessary stock ready on hand, therefore having to wait for their supplier to get the particular item in stock. They also rely on logistics companies to deliver these goods to the customer. This over-reliance on third parties often means long delays for customers. Sure Power understands that you may be working within certain timeframes, so doing this in-house provides time effective solutions.


At Sure Power, when you contact our team you are speaking to an actual person, not a call centre. In the event of a failure, our 24/7 emergency breakdown service connects you with one of our service technicians. They’ll assess the situation and work with you to fix the problem. One of our favourite ways to prevent such events like this is with EMSpro, our exclusive environmental monitoring system from Pivotal. As we get used to our new normal of working from home, it’s important not to neglect your UPS. EMSpro allows both Sure Power and customers to remotely monitor the condition of their UPS & batteries so we can identify potential faults early and rectify the issue.


The Sure Power Difference


As a Queensland owned and run business, our expertise and service are unmatched by other competitors. Having been in the UPS industry for over 25 years, we don’t take the cookie-cutter approach, because every business's power needs are different. We prioritise providing quality service to fit your needs.


By understanding the serious nature of our clients’ critical infrastructure, we can create tailor-made solutions. To discover the Sure Power difference, contact our friendly team at (07) 3249 3188 or email

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