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The UPS battery is a vital part of the UPS system, but often they can be neglected. We’ve seen it all, poorly maintained batteries that have become either flat, bloated, or simply just broken. We believe that the maintenance of UPS batteries is important to keep your equipment up and running. And if you’re still not convinced that you need UPS battery maintenance, hopefully, we can persuade you in this article and show why Sure Power has been Australia’s choice for UPS sales and service since 1994! So whether you need regular UPS battery maintenance or some UPS replacement batteries, you can call Sure Power to find your best UPS battery solution yet!


So What Is It About UPS Battery Systems?

If you already have a UPS then you might know a bit to how it works. If you don’t, then here are the details!


When the power goes out, a UPS system provides a backup power supply to your critical infrastructure. How your UPS generates power during a blackout is from the batteries located inside it. These batteries located inside the UPS battery backup continue to provide power to the devices plugged into the wall outlet. The batteries are often replaceable, providing a long-term solution to keeping your equipment running.


What Can Sure Power Offer Me?

UPS Battery Maintenance

We offer UPS battery maintenance contracts to fit your requirements. Depending on the scale of your UPS operations, we’ll assess it and give you the best-customised solution. With our comprehensive contracts, you’ll have specialist technicians on hand 24/7 with breakdown support and regular UPS maintenance. You can be ensured that your UPS batteries will operate smoothly with Sure Power!


UPS Battery Replacement Service

UPS batteries delivered and installed? Now that’s real service! If you require brand new batteries for your UPS, we can organise the removal and installation of batteries. Just like our UPS service, our team of specialist technicians ensure you’re equipment is back up and running ASAP! 


Pivotal EMSpro - The peace of mind that you’ll be protected 24/7

Prevention is always the best solution, and that’s why we are proud to offer Pivotal EMSpro. Available exclusively to Sure Power clients, Pivotal’s Environmental Monitoring System allows you to remotely access important updates about your UPS and batteries. EMSpro can be used to monitor UPS, generators, data centres, CRAC units, fire systems, room temperature and power quality. As always it is customisable to fit your requirements, so speak with our team to find out more! 


The Nation’s Choice For UPS Batteries Australia

At Sure Power, we offer UPS and battery maintenance contracts to fit your needs. Our team is proud to provide the best service and solutions Australia-wide. With over 25 years in the UPS industry, we know UPS equipment like no one else. To see the Sure Power difference for yourself, talk to our team and discover your options!


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Did you know we sell UPS batteries online too! Check out our online store to see our comprehensive range of UPS and batteries. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or want to find out more regarding UPS and batteries, contact our friendly Sure Power team on (07) 3249 3188 or email