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  • UPS Adelaide

    As one of the capital cities within Australia, Adelaide is famous for being the most liveable city in the world. However, Adelaide is also known for it’s own power supply issues with frequent blackouts throughout the year. Since we all rely on power to get work done, what would you and your business do if there is no power supply?


    An Uninterruptible Power Supply, or also known as UPS, are primarily used to provide a backup power source to critical equipment required to run 24/7. A UPS is typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centres telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment. Hence, where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss, a UPS can help prevent these disruptions.


    Although we believe the majority of businesses can benefit from having a UPS Adelaide, here are some of the industries which can utilise from it:


    • Communications
    • Oil and Gas
    • Railway
    • Electronics
    • Food and Beverage


    Basically if you have any equipment which is critical for your business to have at all times, then a UPS is required to have access to backup power. UPS units range in size from units, which are designed to protect a single computer, a whole data centre, or keep an organisation operational.


    In addition to acting as an UPS Backup Adelaide when the power goes out, most battery backup devices also act as power conditioners. How it does this simply by ensuring that the electricity flowing to your critical equipment is free from power drops or surges and ensure your machine keeps running until you can turn it off safely in case of a power outage.


    All battery backups are very heavy due to the batteries located inside. One or more batteries inside the UPS provide power to the devices plugged into it when power from the wall outlet is no longer available. The batteries are rechargeable and often replaceable, providing a long-term solution to keeping your equipment running.


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