Why You Need Maintenance For Your Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS

So you’ve just installed your brand new UPS, congrats! Now that you’ve taken the step to protect your critical equipment, have you made plans on maintaining your UPS? Just like your car, an UPS needs to be throughly checked to ensure your equipment is protected all year round. Here at Sure Power, we offer comprehensive and preventative contracts made to fit your UPS service needs.
Often you’ll come across UPS maintenance companies with different information about how UPS maintenance Melbourne should be done. As one of Australia’s leading UPS maintenance service providers, Sure Power can ensure your UPS will be kept up and running. Our UPS Solutions are customised to fit your requirements, no matter how big or small. With our trained technicians ready to assist with your regular maintenance UPS to fit your timeframe.
There are a variety of factors that can significantly effect your UPS’s lifespan. We’ve seen it all from UPS battery failure to poor environmental conditions. With our preventative maintenance and comprehensive contracts we can assist in identifying potential issues before they happen.
The Benefits of Sure Power’s Preventative Maintenance & Comprehensive Contracts:
Reducing The Risk of UPS Battery Failure
UPS battery maintenance is important to get the most out of your batteries lifespan. Think of the UPS batteries as the heart of your UPS system. In the event of power failure, the UPS battery system needs to be able to support the load. If your batteries haven't been checked for awhile, you could be putting yourself at risk of battery failure.
There are multiple reasons why your batteries may fail; poor storage of unused batteries, high ambient temperatures, over-cycling, improver float voltage, or incorrect battery application. All it takes is one battery within a string to fails to bring down a whole system.
Our UPS battery service assists in preventing failure by identifying issues before they arise. To maintain your battery backup Melbourne, Sure Power offer Preventative and Comprehensive contracts for your UPS and batteries. If you’ve got a comprehensive or preventative maintenance contract with us, it includes battery breakdown service along with regular maintenance of UPS batteries. Our contracts are customisable to fit your requirements.
We also offer our own UPS monitoring system; Pivotal EMSpro - Environmental Monitoring System. This allows both you and our technicians to remotely check on the condition of your UPS and batteries.
Identify Potential Points of Failure
In your car there are consumable components, just think of the tyres, brake and battery. The same goes for your UPS! Along with your batteries, there are many other internal components that are prone to failure if not maintained sufficiently.
The four main components of a UPS system include: the static bypass, rectifier, battery, and inverter. Complimenting these parts you have your consumable components such as:
  • Fans
  • AC and DC capacitors
  • UPS Internal Connections
  • Air Filters
  • Power Supplies
  • Contactors
  • Sticking or Welded Relays
These can be prone to failure as they wear over time. A Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) completed by one of our technicians will investigate and test all these components to ensure your system is running smoothly. Some of the tests our technicians will conduct include a visual inspection, voltage testing, and thermal image scans.
Identifying Poor Environmental Conditions
It’s extremely important where your UPS is kept onsite. Constructing your environment to be hermetically sealed from the elements. A poorly designed or maintained electrical infrastructure can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. We’ve seen facilities where the UPS has been exposed to dirty, caustic environments reducing the lifespan of your unit.
As one of Australia’s leading UPS specialists, we can assist in identifying poor environmental conditions and offer an appropriate solution for your facility. During our UPS maintenance service, if we notice that your UPS may not be in the best environment our technicians will let you know.
Ensuring Your Generator Is Functioning Properly
Just like your UPS, generators need regular maintenance to continue functioning in peak condition. A generator may be used as a secondary source of power in the event of an outage. One of the most common reasons why a generator may breakdown is because of battery failure, which we know is caused by the various issue we said before.
Generator & UPS Maintenance is important to prevent breakdowns from happening, but if you find yourself in an emergency our comprehensive and preventative maintenance contracts also include a generator breakdown service.
If you are looking for the sales of generators, we offer backup generator installation Melbourne! Just contact our office and we’ll take care of your enquiry.
Reduce Downtime With Our Breakdown Service
No matter the level of prevention you’ve implemented, power outages still happen. However, having a team of specialists who are familiar with your equipment and can respond to emergencies promptly is beneficial to reducing the downtime. We have all the tools to provide you the confidence in your UPS’s condition.
With regular UPS servicing, our contracts can provide you the peace of mind that your critical equipment is covered.
To find out more about our UPS maintenance contract - both preventative and comprehensive, contact us on (07) 3249 3188.