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PowerShield is an Australian power protection company specialising in developing and providing Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS Supply) and power filtration products specifically for the Australian market. PowerShield is a well-known and trusted brand throughout Australia, engineering solutions for many projects first hand. Thousands have given us top rated reviews on service and products.

Within Australia, PowerShield specialises in:

  • Supply of PowerShield UPSs 650 to 240,000 VA
  • Supply of power filters, surge diverters and power conditioners
  • Unlike most of our internationally based competitors, PowerShield remains as one of the only Australian owned and run companies to develop UPSs, power filters, and surge diverters for Australian conditions.

With increasing electrical requirements of such sophisticated systems as those used in data centres, mining, health care, the military, security, traffic control and telecommunications. This ever increasing demand puts strain on the electrical grid to maintain supply. This can lead to power surges and spikes as well as other problems such as brownouts, power sags, line noise, harmonic distortions, frequency drift and even total power failure. Such problems can prove to be debilitating to businesses.

As an Australian company, PowerShield understands Australia’s power problems and has been instrumental in solving them for thousands of businesses since 2000. Focused on providing customers with the cleanest and most reliable quality power, PowerShield is uncompromising in developing the best possible UPS technology. This is why PowerShield has become one of Australia’s largest independent UPS manufacturing companies and the best choice for protecting your electrical power supply.

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