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Protection against all power failures, voltage regulation, power factor correction and harmonics

ABB’s power protection portfolio is an unique line up of UPS, power conditioning and power switching products, designed to solve power quality issues for personal, commercial and industrial applications.

Leading the industry in innovation and technology, ABB provides power protection to many of the world’s foremost organisations, ensuring the continuous operation of production manufacturing, critical IT and communication applications on a global scale. Covering applications from computer rooms through to large data centres and complete industrial plant protection, ABB has the UPS for every need - from a few kW to applications of many MW and a wide range of supply voltages.

ABB PowerValue Range

More power, less space.

ABB PowerValue UPS offers advanced protection for many low power applications. This range is cost-effective, yet providing market-leading performance. Trust that your PowerValue UPS equipment is supplied and serviced by Sure Power, Australia's leaders in ABB products.


Designed for those who aim for zero downtime.

This UPS system utilises decentralised parallel architecture and ensures the highest level or reliability and availability with true redundancy across the modules. 

ABB MegaFlex

Delivering total peace-of-mind for customers with the assurance that their power is guaranteed by the very best power protection technology on the market.

The ABB Megaflex was created in response to the increasing power demands in data centres, combining the highest efficiency ratings with the smallest footprint. Designed to work in synergy with ABB’s power infrastructure products to provide a continuous flow of clean power to a data centre and deliver the system-wide resiliency needed for modern data storage solutions that implement distributed, cloud or hybrid approaches.

Did you know that we sold the first ABB Megaflex in Australia? Our UPS specialists can assist in finding your best ABB UPS solutions no matter the requirements.

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ABB PowerValue UPS 1kVA


ABB PowerValue 11RT G2 1 kVA B AU

The single-phase UPS for critical applications


ABB’s PowerValue 11 RT G2 is a double-conversion online UPS that guarantees up to 10 kVA of clean, reliable power for your critical single-phase applications. As well as maintaining power to your servers, point-of-sale terminals, workstation clusters, routers, switches, hubs and sensitive electronic equipment, the PowerValue 11 RT G2 also conditions incoming power to eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics.



The PowerValue 11 RT G2 can be used as a standalone UPS device or installed into a standard 19"rack configuration, with connectivity options available for each. Three units of the 6 or 10 kVA models can be configured in parallel to provide redundancy or to increase the system total capacity up to 30 kW. All units can be fitted with up to four battery modules to extend runtime.


Brand ABB
Part number PV11RT1000
Type Online Double Conversion
VA rating 1000
W rating 900
Input Single Phase,
170 - 290VAC, 40-70Hz,
10A Australian lead to C13 provided
Output Single Phase,
240Vac (Selectable 200/208/220/230/240Vac),
50Hz +/-1%
Outlets 4 x C13 Programmable outlets (Non-mission critical loads)
4x C13 outlets (mission-critical loads)
Batteries 2
Physical Dimensions 310 x 438 x 86 mm
Weight (KG) 11.4
Optional Add-ons

Download ABB PowerValue RT11 G2 manual here