PowerShield Gladiator Gaming UPS

PowerShield Gladiator Gaming UPS


For a gamer, being disconnected from an online match due to a power outage means not only the loss of the game and the progress made, it means losing face by appearing to have quit.


All around the world gamers are being disconnected unexpectedly, and on top of that, simply disappearing from the game is not a great look. PowerShield's all-new Gladiator Gaming UPS is designed for one purpose, to help gamers #stayinthegame


- Real-time CPU temperature, speed and load level

- Remote LCD panel - with 2 hours operating time undocked

- Pure sine wave output R Built-in AVR for voltage stabilisation

- 2x USB charger ports for mobile devices

- Battery backup and surge-protected outlets

- User-replaceable battery design

- Built-in USB comms port


Additional Information
Battery Type 12v 9ah
Outlets 6
Expandable No
Topology Line Interactive Pure Sine Wave
VA 1500
Phase Single Phase