ABB PowerValue EBM 2kVA

ABB PowerValue 11RT G2 2 kVA - External Battery Module (EBM)


The ABB PowerValue 11 RT G2 2kVA External Battery Module is an additional item for the PowerValue 11 RT G2 2 kVA UPS to extend its runtime. 


PowerValue External Battery Modules (EBM) allow you to extend the runtime of ABB PowerValue UPS systems. Up to 4 EBMs can be attached to a UPS and the chart below demonstrates the extended runtime in minutes depending on the load being supplied.


Additional Information
Dimensions 436 x 438 x 86.5 mm
Weight (KG) 27.5
Suitable For ABB PowerValue 11 RT G2 2kVA UPS
Phase Single-Phase UPS