UPS Maintenance Ballarat

UPS Maintenance - What is UPS Maintenance?

As an Australian business we understand how harsh the weather conditions can be across our nation, but especially in Victoria. Between the soaring and dropping temperatures, rain and sunshine, our constantly changing weather pattern has an effect on our critical infrastructure. We know that poorly maintained equipment, especially an uninterruptible power supply (aka UPS), won’t last long in these conditions. That’s why we believe maintenance for UPS Ballarat is extremely important. There are many benefits for regular UPS servicing for your equipment such as; greater efficiency and cleaner power filtration.

With so many UPS maintenance companies out there to choose from, it’s hard to know who to pick. For over 25 years, Sure Power have been Australia’s choice for all things UPS. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive UPS and battery maintenance contracts available in Australia, customised to suit your needs. Our UPS maintenance contract provides peace of mind that someone will be there to keep the power on.

Why Do I Need UPS Maintenance Ballarat?

You may be thinking why is UPS maintenance so important? Sometimes we all delay doing some worthwhile chores because there’s no sense of urgency. Like most things, you only realise that you need it when you actually do!

We’ve seen many cases where the UPS is so poorly maintained it simply didn’t kick into action when expected. Now, if you own an industrial UPS Ballarat you already know that you cannot afford for this to happen. Luckily for you our UPS service Ballarat has you covered. We offer comprehensive and preventative contracts that ensures your UPS is having the regular maintenance it deserves. 

UPS Repairs

During your uninterruptible power supply maintenance, we might notice something isn’t quite right. In the case that you require a UPS repair, you can trust that you’re in good hands with Sure Power. Our team of specialist technicians are knowledgeable about all types of UPS systems! Our UPS repair service ensures there is minimal downtime for your situation.

UPS Battery Maintenance

UPS batteries are a vital part of the UPS system, so it makes sense to have regular UPS battery service. By not conducting regular UPS battery maintenance you run the risk of your batteries becoming flat, bloated or simply broken. Our team will assess your batteries to ensure they’re working in prime condition. In the case of battery failure, our team can assist in a UPS battery replacement service. Consult with our admin team to find the best pricing on UPS batteries.

Pivotal EMSpro - Environmental Monitoring System

As for most things in life, prevention is key! That’s why we are proud to offer Pivotal EMSpro. Pivotal’s UPS monitoring system is your first line of defence in preventing critical failure. This UPS battery monitoring system allows you to remotely view your UPS’ condition, with live alerts if there are any changes in temperature or power quality. EMSpro can be used to monitor other equipment than UPS, such as generators, data centres, CRAC units, and fire systems. As most services from Sure Power, it is customisable to fit your requirements. Speak with our team to learn more! 

Sure Power - Australia’s Choice For UPS Sales, Installation and Maintenance

For over 25 years we’ve been UPS maintenance service providers all across Australia. From our major capital cities to small regional towns, our UPS maintenance service given businesses the peace of mind that they’ll be protected 24/7. As specialists in creating UPS solutions Ballarat, we are determined to set the highest standard when it comes to everything UPS. With some of the most innovative UPS systems available and a team trained across multiple brands, we understand the importance of having a UPS system Ballarat.

To learn more about our UPS maintenance, contact our friendly team on (07) 3249 3188.