PowerShield Centurion RT 3000


PowerShield Centurion RT (Rack or Tower) UPS with Internal Batteries

As a true online double conversion UPS, the Centurion RT is our highest single phase power density UPS. Boasting an output power factor of 0.9, this will fully protect mission-critical devices as it can support larger loads than UPS products of an equal VA rating.


The Centurion RT has an energy saving Advanced ECO mode, which allows the unit to operate at very high efficiency, up to 98%. When the utility mains input voltage is within the ECO range the UPS saves energy by passing the mains supply directly through to the load, while the inverter continues to operate in a passive mode.


The Centurion RT series is designed to provide the highest level of protection against disturbances found on electrical power supply lines. It is suitable for most applications including IT, security, telephone, broadcasting, medical etc.


Brand PowerShield
Part number PSCERT3000
Type True Online Double Conversion
VA rating 3000
W rating 2700
Phase Single Phase
Outlets 8
Batteries 6 x 12V 9Ah
Surge protection 984 Joules
Dimensions 600 x 438 x 88mm
Weight (KG) 26.8